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Top teams can each win up to a $500,000 investment from Fusen VC. All NC undergraduate & graduate students with an idea or startup are invited to register - we'll provide you with the resources you need to take your vision to the next level and win.

April 30th, 2023


Prize Sponsor:


Primary Advisor & Supporter:



APRIL 1st, 1:00 - 2:30PM

 Event Program:

  • Essential competition details 

  • Investment Terms Announced

  • Speaker Panel: top investors on what makes a great pitch

  • Fusen VC Judge Q&A

  • Optional co-founder and team matching

Zoom (link available upon registration)


APRIL 1st - APRIL 25th

Throughout the month of April, TriVent will be holding industry-specific speaker panels, networking sessions, industry deep dives, slide deck review, and mentor office hours. Signup & details announced at kickoff.

Innovation Building & Zoom Options (upon registration)


APRIL 30th, 12:00 - 5:30PM

 Event Program:

  • April 25th - submit your team's pitch. 

  • April 28th - the top 100 pitch submissions, selected by VC judges, will be selected to compete on April 30th. 

  • April 30th - On competition day, Fusen Fund judges will select which team(s) qualify for the top prize (a $500,000 investment). 

  • Additional programming to be announced at April 1st's mandatory kickoff

The Kenan Center, Chapel Hill


Daymaker, a B2K (business-to-kid) donation platform, is splitting their $3,000 corporate sign on fee to any student that refers a company partner this holiday season. You can win $1,500 per company you refer. They also have two jobs openings, posted only on our page.

  • Refer 150 companies and you just got yourself a seed round

  • Refer 29 million companies and you just bought Twitter back from Elon

In order to cash in:

  1. Tell a company about Daymaker

  2. Want to use their official marketing materials? Follow and DM us on instagram

  3. Get the company to let Daymaker know you referred them

  4. Pass GO, and collect your $1,500 by emailing

I'm gonna stop writing and start thinking of some strategies to scale this

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